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Introducing GoldCore and GoldSaver

GoldCore are respected international bullion dealers who are experts in the execution and logistics of the highly specialised precious metals market.

GoldCore have been providing precious metal investment solutions for an International client base since 2003. Today, our team of experts service all investor classes from private individuals to companies and institutional investors. Whether you are a small or large investor looking to take delivery or arrange for secure, trusted insured storage, GoldCore has a solution to suit your needs.

GoldCore understands the importance of reputation when a client chooses a precious metals partner. Our reputation is hard won and built on experience, knowledge, award-winning research and a dedication to delivering client satisfaction. Trust is earned one client at a time and one partner at a time. The calibre of our logistical network ranges from highly respected independent global storage providers to government mints in some of the worlds safest precious metal producing countries.

Saving in Gold

At GoldCore we believe everyone should have a savings account. The problem is most savings accounts force investors to save in useless cash which is now being continuously printed by central bankers. This means your savings are in fact being taxed by virtue of the printing press. By saving in real gold bullion you can protect against this theft. GoldCore set up GoldSaver in 2010 and it is used by clients all over the world.

The GoldCore Approach

Our corporate philosophy acknowledges that a business can only be built by delivering on the promises that it makes. GoldCore delivers what we say, when we say it, in the manner in which we say. At GoldCore we pride ourselves on being asset diversification specialists. We understand that the bedrock of portfolio performance lies firmly in the decisions made during the asset allocation process. Our Bullion Services team provides access to a suite of precious metal products for institutional, corporate and retail investors alike. GoldCore welcomes the opportunity to put our skills and our independent approach to work on your behalf.